The Adventures of Graham Patterson

I decided to get my Masters in Public Policy through a European Union program called Erasmus Mundus+. This program allows students to study in 2+ European countries while working towards their higher degree. I chose to spend my first year in Budapest, and my second in York, UK. When I complete the program I will have a MAPP (Masters of Public Policy) degree, which I plan to use to make the world a better place - still learning what that means.
Stepping into the unknown is always a bit scary, but also gives you the chance to grow and to learn new things about yourself and this crazy planet we call home. One day many years from now when you take stock of your life, will you be satisfied? I won't unless I continue traveling and meeting new people and doing my best to find happiness personally, and to spread it to others in the best ways I know how. This new era is the next step on that path of discovery.